CrossFit Lifters

Over the last few years, thousands of people have been introduced to the Olympic Lifts as part of a CrossFit program.

The Olympic Lifts - the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk - are difficult to master without good coaching by a knowledgeable Olympic Weightlifting coach.  Very few CrossFit coaches have the experience and technical knowledge to properly teach these lifts and the related assistance exercises.  

If you have been exposed to the Olympic Lifts in a CrossFit program and wish to learn how to master these lifts, we can help you.  We invite all CrossFitters, to come by and train with us and see if you are interested in training the Olympic Lifts on a regular basis. We love teaching these lifts and introducing people to the benefits of doing the Olympic Lifts correctly and safely.

We ask lifters to donate $15 per training session (first session is free) or $60 per month for open access to all training sessions. We also require that all regular members join USA Weightlifting.