2013 Capital City Open

Capital City Open  Results

Congratulations to Central Maryland Gold lifters: Nu Akalegbere, Ashley Bottomly, Allen Hildebrand

Nu Akalegbere (77 kg class) qualified for the American Open with his opener of 135 kgs in the clean & jerk, qualified for the National Championships with his second attempt of 145 kgs and easily made an all time PR clean of 150 kgs on his third attempt (double body weight).  He just barely missed the jerk.  Overall, Nu set competition PRs in both lifts, went 5 for 6, hit a double body weight PR clean, and qualified for the American Open and the National Championships.  Not a bad day!  Congratulations, Nu! On to Cincinnati this July.

Ashley Bottomly (58 kg class) went 4 for 6 in her first meet ever.  Ashley hit a total of 88kgs (40 & 48).  Great effort for a novice lifter in her first meet.  Ashley is way stronger than her lifts and will soon be hitting much bigger numbers as her technique comes along.  Great job, Ashley!

Allen Hildebrand (105+ class) went 5 for 6, set competition PRs in both lifts (125 & 150), and set a PR competition total of 275 kgs. Allen was shooting for an American Open qualifying total of 290 kgs which he will most certainly hit very soon.  Great job, Allen!